Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bring natural colors in your home

When we think about nature in our home we imagine green colors, brown, beige. There are no doubts that these colors calm us and make us feel in refuge or haven and they convey warmth and wellbeing.

Brown color has a wide range of colors ranging, from green and yellow to reddish brown tones and very dark one. Experts are absolutely sure that house floor looks always great in shades of rust-brown.

Here are some examples of color combinations that fit very well and will transform your home into one extremely welcoming and relaxing.


Brown and green

Warm brown tones - in contrast with raw tile green will bring refinement to any home.


Brown and beige or white

Who loves very dark brown shades should combine them with most light shades of maroon, so it will look very nice. Moreover, very good fits brow with cream or/and bright spotless white.


Brown and orange

"Orange tree". It's an extremely good combination. But you should not exagerate with this bright color.

Orange in interior design


Brown and gray

Light brown tone of the wood is in total harmony with cold shades of gray.


Brown and blue

Brown combined with delicate tones of blue has a very welcoming effect.

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