Friday, May 23, 2014

INVISIBLE HOUSE and other three cabins

       In northern Sweden, in the woods near the village of Harads, was made an unusual hotel. It is a hotel that just stands among trees and due to its unique and innovative design people adore it.

       The hotel consists of four modules, located about four to five feet above the ground, and has "as a point of support" a tree. Therefore you can get in using stairs. Each room is decorated differently, and is very well camouflaged in the natural environment.

       One of the rooms is designed as a huge bird nest that can accommodate a family of four. An important fact is that the architects used only green technologies.

            Design - birds nest like

       Another room looks like an UFO, like those presented in old sci-fi movies .

            Design - UFO style

       The third room-module has a large space and is caught between the tree trunks.

            Design - Blue Cone

       But perhaps the most spectacular building is invisible cube, lined with mirrors that reflect the surrounding trees. It was designed to integrate seamlessly into the landscape.

            Invisible tree house

      The buildings are environmentally friendly as possible and have all the facilities: internet, light, heat , water, and a lovely view. The interior is made of wood harvested is extremely simple, but pleasant and efficient. One of the most impressive features is the ecological toilet that does not require water. Waste is incinerated and turned into ashes. Arranged in an unpopulated area, the hotel is the perfect destination for those who want to escape into nature.

            sweet corner             Design - tree hotel             Design - tree hotel             Design - tree hotel             Design - tree hotel

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